Time's ticking (+ GIVEAWAY)

Wood Watches by JORD Time is so important. Managing it well is definitely something i want to improve on in 2017. I f...

Wood Watches by JORD

Time is so important. Managing it well is definitely something i want to improve on in 2017. I found myself lazing around - hours would go by and i wouldn't get stuff done. 
I have started writing down everything i want to do in the day and roughly working out what times i want certain tasks to be done by, this helps me make sure i am productive to some extent most days and i don't feel like a blob. 
Eating healthier and thinking about what i put in my body as well as making time for exercise is one of my main priorities to concentrate on. Going to the gym or even doing a HIIT workout at home can literally take 20-30 minutes. You only have to work up a sweat for 30 minutes. 30 minutes. That is half an hour out of a 24 hour day and you don't even have to leave your home. Every one can make time for exercise, so i definitely have no excuse now not to do it at least 3 times a week. 

I was approached by Jord Watches asking if i wanted to try one of their watches and give my honest opinion about what i thought.
When i received my watch i was in total shock at the presentation of it and the thought that went into packaging. I didn't just receive the watch itself, it came on a cushion in it's own magnetised wooden box with a mini drawer. How good? There is a cleaning cloth and oil to use to maintain the quality of the wood through wear, it's just great.

The model i chose is the Frankie series in Zebrawood & Champagne. This is a unisex watch which i love because when i choose watches i tend to get mens anyway as i love the big face and masculine look. I don't ever choose womens watches- i think they are too small. My boyfriend actually really likes this watch too, so i'll be lucky to find it still in my room with out mysteriously disappearing hahah. Even if you're not into wearing jewellery, this watch is so unique that it would look so good with an outfit just on its own and it's practical because you will alway be on time (no excuses). This is definitely going to help with my punctuality this year - or try anyway ha.

Before i ramble on too much about how i love this new watch.. There's a GIVEAWAY. All you have to do to enter is follow this link and sign up using an email. Everyone who enters will be sent a JORD e gift code of $25 and the winner will win a JORD e gift code of $100 to spend on the site. The giveaway closes in literally a few days (22/01/2017) so... Go and enter

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