The Beauty Blender. Hit or Miss?

The Beauty Blender . The sponge that is E V E R Y W H E R E. Why? How? Who would have thought a sponge would take over the likes of ev...

The Beauty Blender. The sponge that is E V E R Y W H E R E. Why? How? Who would have thought a sponge would take over the likes of everyone's beloved buffing brush for foundation? But it has. I bought this about a year ago now in Sephora in New York and i have to say, since buying it there has not been a day i haven't used it. It's amazing. I use it for primer, foundation, concealer, cream contour, highlight and also my newest discovery.. Baking underneath my contour and on my under eye highlight. Amaze.

Since the launch of 'The Beauty Blender' a lot of companies have jumped on the bandwagon and tried to compete and make their own version. I must say a drugstore option sounds a lot more appealing to people seens as this sponge is £15-£20 just for a sponge, and that may seem a little extreme. However,  I can totally see why people spend that on it. I have tried, Models own, Real Techniques, Make up Revolution and NONE of them compare to the real thing.

I try and explain this to my friends when they ask why i don't just use a sponge from boots. What i found with the cheaper sponges is that when you were to dampen the sponge with water before use (I never use my sponge dry as it soaks up all your foundation) it would never expand like the beauty blender does and is really stiff compared to the elasticity of the BB. You can squeeze the BB flat however the other sponges don't expand as much as the BB. This means that my foundation didn't blend as well into the skin and i couldn't use 'the bouncing' motion that is needed to blend it in. Instead, it just held a lot of product that i wanted as coverage on my skin.

Another thing i found with other sponges was that they either ripped after a few months of use or they just never washed the foundation out of the sponge fully. Obviously that is so unhygienic and will cause break outs and a spread of nasty bacteria on your skin. The BB cleans out amazing after every use. I just use a face wash/ baby shampoo. It looks brand new after every time i clean it AND i've had this sponge for over a year now, thats so good.  So in my opinion i have definitely got my money's worth buying the real thing instead of buying cheaper alternatives.


Because i love the Beauty Blender so much (clearly) i am going to be featured on 'Get The Gloss' later this month speaking about why i love it. For now though you need to go and check out this guide on their website. I've had a read myself and it is full of interesting information about the tools used to apply make up over many decades and LOTS of tips from make up artists and their recommendations on what tools you should have in your make up bag.

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