OMGTEA Recipe 1: Latte

OMGTEA Organic Matcha Green Tea Latte: What you will need: -      -    OMGTEA Matcha Green Tea (1 Tsp) -       -   Milk ( As...

OMGTEA Organic Matcha Green Tea Latte:

What you will need:
-     -   OMGTEA Matcha Green Tea (1 Tsp)
-      -  Milk ( As much as you need to fill the mug you want to use)
-      -  Honey (1 Tsp)
-       - Water ( Small amount to turn the matcha into a paste)
-       - Bamboo whisk
- If you want to tone down the taste of the matcha green tea then add some cinnamon or even some sugar / flavored syrup if you need to make it sweeter.

11.    Add hot water to the tsp of matcha powder to turn it into a paste and add honey
22.   Heat up the milk and use the bamboo whisk to create a froth
33.    Put the matcha mixture into the cup and follow that with the milk and stir together
44.     If you want to add a syrup or cinnamon, then add that to the matcha mixture at the beginning.

If you have seen my review on the OMGTEA matcha green tea you would know that I was sent this product to try out by them. I have never used a product like this before but I have heard a lot about it from other youtubers and bloggers who include it in smoothies and baking recipes. I see it posted a lot on Instagram also because yano.. it looks pretty in pictures because it’s green;)

This latte was so so nice; I’m obsessed with lattes anyway but this was different from a standard coffee. Nice to try something different and I definitely want to try it with cinnamon and / even a syrup. You can also try this recipe cold and add ice to make an iced latte, that is v good too, especially in the hot weather we’ve KIND OF had.. emphasis on kind of..

If you want to see how I made this, then you can head over to my youtube channel and there is a video on how I created this latte!

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