Ibiza is calling

As some of you may know, 2 weeks ago i went to Ibiza and omg it was amazing. Such a beautiful place with amazing people and blimin...

As some of you may know, 2 weeks ago i went to Ibiza and omg it was amazing. Such a beautiful place with amazing people and blimin hot, phwoarrrrr. We made it down to breakfast 6 out of the 7 days which i thought for a place that doesn't sleep until 6/7am was pretty impressive.

We did so much whilst we were there, watersports,sunbathing,swimming in the sea, (the dreaded strip), amnesia, Ibiza Rocks, Cafe Mambo's to watch the sunset, Giant inflatable assault course in the sea.. and so so much more.

I overpacked by about 8 more days hahaha, and ever since i have been watching so many travel videos on youtube and reading so many travels essentials blogposts. Maybe next time i go away i wont pack as much. Comment down below any bloggers/ Youtubers who have done travel posts/ videos that you love.

I was lucky enough to be sent a bikini before i went away to Ibiza. In the pictures above it is the Mint triangle bikini. It is from Wilma Swimwear . I have never worn a bikini that i have felt so comfortable in, it is very well made and so comfy to wear. The link to the exact bikini i am wearing is here. It is called the 'Toba set' and i got the top in a Medium and the bottoms in a small. I am a size 6/8 however i prefer to get my bikini tops a size bigger. The bottoms have a ruched effect which helps to enhance your bum (clever i know). That isn't a fact by the way, i have just found it to make your touche look better. I also heard Barbara (persianbabe) mention that in her video recently about the ruching effect on bikini bottoms.

I couldn't recommend Wilma Swimwear enough, they are so helpful when it comes to ordering bikinis and i cannot wait to see what other bikinis they bring out in the future.

As for Ibiza, i would love love love to go back. Really want to take my boyfriend and have a 'chilled' holiday in a different part of the island. I have heard so many good things about Old Ibiza town and i would love to visit there & DEFINITELY visit café mambo's again. If you go to Ibiza the one thing you have to do is visit Mambo's and watch the sunset. It is honestly beautiful.

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